Building Grassroot Women-led Solutions to Environmental Challenges

Environmental Awareness

We promote knowledge and understanding of the natural world, including the ecosystems, resources.


Climate Change

We are into training and advocacy of the impact of human activities on the environment.

Waste Management

Creating awareness, treating, & disposing of waste materials in an efficient & environmentally responsible way.

Food/Water Security

Ensuring the availability and access to sufficient and safe food and water for all individuals and communities.


Direct Impact


Indirect Impact


SDG Alignment

About WISE

We Are Sparking Change At a Time

The Women Initiative for Sustainable Environment’s approach to the issue of environmental sustainability is an integrated one, as WISE engages in environmental projects and programs in the areas of environmental justice and awareness creation, water sanitation and hygiene, municipal waste management, tree planting, women’s rights and empowerment, and tourism…

  • Project planning, development, and implementation
  • Introduction of environmental clubs in schools and other educational institutions
  • Organizing workshops and seminars
  • Dissemination of environmental information through various media
  • Addressing Environmental Health Issues

Our Partners

Empower women, shape the future.