Our enterprise advances constructive environmental practices by empowering people, and women to become environmental and community stewards. Over the years, the enterprise has been involved in strengthening the roles grassroots women play in community resource management. We have worked for years to mobilize disadvantaged women especially in Kaduna State, Nigeria to address several environmentally destructive cultural practices in water and food supply, energy services, natural resource access, education and waste management issues.

Our programs deliver environmental awareness, training and advocacy on climate change, conservation, energy, solid waste management, and food and water security. We also teach peace and conflict resolution, leadership education, Financial Literacy, micro-entrepreneurship, empowerment 2.0 (human agency), citizen journalism and digital empowerment; and lobby individuals, governmental and intergovernmental bodies, NGOs, community-based organizations and other individuals and corporate organizations to develop environmentally sustainable initiatives that socially and economically empower women and young people.

Our work is key to the promotion of environmental sustainability, women’s empowerment and gender equality, poverty reduction and sustainable livelihoods, peace-building and human agency in Nigeria as well as across Africa. We have succeeded in bringing information, knowledge and skills and created local and global opportunities for the women and young people we work with.

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