WISE Green Awareness Walk: Generation Green Taking the Lead in Tackling Land Degradation and Drought

WISE Green Awareness Walk

Commemorating World Environment Day 2024

By Gambo George Hamman

Kaduna, Nigeria – On a sunny Wednesday morning, the College of Environmental Studies at Kaduna Polytechnic buzzed with energy as participants gathered for the Green Awareness Walk organized by the Women Initiative for Sustainable Development (WISE). The theme of the event was “Generation Green: Taking the Lead in Tackling Land Degradation and Drought.”

Why Generation Green Matters

Mrs. Olanike Olugboji-Daramola, the founder and Programme Director of WISE, emphasized the urgency of addressing environmental challenges. She highlighted the anxiety felt by young people due to the chaos associated with global warming and environmental degradation. According to her, the excesses of human activities contribute significantly to these issues.“It is crucial,” Mrs. Olugboji-Daramola asserted, “to create awareness among young people about their role in safeguarding our climate and environment. We need them to think outside the box, drive solutions, and take action.

Empowering Women and Young Girls

WISE has been at the forefront of mobilizing women and young girls in Kaduna and across Nigeria to provide solutions to climate change and environmental challenges. Mrs. Olugboji-Daramola acknowledged the wide gap in women’s access to environmental resources. Despite being the most vulnerable to environmental impacts, their voices have often been missing at decision-making tables.

“We are committed to building the capacity of women and young girls,” she stated. “They must become authors of their own fate when it comes to environmental stewardship.”

Collective Responsibility for Sustainable Development

Sustainable development hinges on collective responsibility. Everyone—regardless of gender or age—must recognize their role in protecting the climate. WISE advocates for policies that address environmental degradation and climate change. Dr. Patrick Kigbu, Head of the Department of Environmental Science at Kaduna Polytechnic, commended WISE for targeting youths in its climate change campaign.

“Climate change and environmental challenges can be dramatic,” Dr. Kigbu warned. “If we don’t take action, they might consume humanity.”

Planting Trees and Adopting Eco-Friendly Technology

To reverse environmental degradation, WISE encourages communities to adopt eco-friendly practices. Clean cooking stoves and solar technology can replace traditional methods, reducing indoor air pollution caused by kerosene lamps and candles. Dr. Kigbu emphasized the importance of planting trees: “For every tree destroyed, let’s plant five more.”

Youth Motivation and Action

Aishatu Ibrahim, one of the students participating in the awareness walk, expressed her enthusiasm. “This awareness is apt,” she said. “It motivates students and young people to take action toward climate change adaptation and mitigation.”

The event also featured a panel discussion and tree planting, reinforcing the commitment of WISE and its partners to a greener, more sustainable future.


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