Our Team

About Our Founder

Olanike Olugboji

Olanike has a professional background in Urban and Regional Planning (First and Second Degrees); and professional experiences as a Social Entrepreneur, Environmental Advocate, Educator and professional. Olanike has worked for years to mobilize disadvantaged women in Kaduna State, Nigeria to address a number of environmentally destructive cultural practices in water supply, energy services, urban transport, education and waste management issues. She has a wealth of experience in Development work and has participated in many International, National and local meetings, capacity building forums and researches. She is versatile and is affiliated to a number of local and international organizations which include, amongst others, Nigerian Institute of Town Planners , Nigerian Environmental Society, Industrial Pollution and Abatement Committee (Kaduna, Nigeria), Global Collaborators Alliance (California, USA), Foundation for Educational Advancement (Calabar, Nigeria), Women’s Earth Alliance (New York), USA, Global Women’s Leadership Network( Santa Clara, USA), Rural Africa and Water Development Project( Nigeria), Love and Compassion (Nigeria), Green Environment Foundation (Kaduna, Nigeria) and WorldPulse. She was also a foundation member of the Women’s Global Green Action Network (New York, USA). While serving as the Secretary to the Board of WISE, she currently also volunteers her time to WISE, as the Executive Director/Program Coordinator. Olanike networks governmental and intergovernmental bodies, NGOs, CBOs and other individuals and corporate organizations to develop environmentally sustainable initiatives. Her hobbies and interests include Research, Reading/Writing, Poetry, Tourism and Cookery. She has written several published articles and Poems in Newspapers, books and blogs.

she currently also volunteers her time to WISE, as the Executive Director/Program Coordinator.

You Can Reach Our Founder

Our programs deliver environmental awareness, training and advocacy on climate change, conservation, energy, solid waste management, food and water security. We also teach conflict resolution, leadership education, Financial Literacy, micro-entrepreneurship, empowerment 2.0 (human agency), citizen journalism, and digital empowerment... You can reach our founder for possible partnership or support.

Other Core Team Members

WISE is blessed with team members who bring unique strengths and experiences to the table. We foster a culture of mutual respect and learning. 

Dr. Baba Austin Hyuwa

WISE Chairman

Dr. Baba is the serving Chairman earned a Ph.D. Degree (Regional Planning), from the School of Environmental Studies, University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom. His experience in the Government service, professional specialization and exposure as a private Consultant has earned him appointments within the political cycles. He serves on the Board of a number of companies and organizations amongst which are Midlands Consultancy Services Limited, Taula Integrated Services and, NAC Engineering Services Limited and Green environment Foundation. He is a fellow and current 1st Vice-president of the Nigerian Environmental Society (NES), a member of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP) and the Town Planners Registration Council (TOPREC) of Nigeria. He has served as Team Leader on several EIA projects and also supervised many Federal Government of Nigeria Ecological Fund Projects and related studies. His teaching, research and consultancy experiences and expertise makes him a much sought after expert, speaker and facilitator at seminars, workshops and conferences. In 2011, he was appointed Sole Administrator of Kachia Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Rev Shola Adesoye

WISE Member

Reverend Shola is the very amiable and dynamic founder and senior pastor of the Light House Church, a fast growing Ministry in Nigeria. Though a professionally qualified and talented Architect, he gave up professional practice to preach and teach God’s word; thus consistently winning souls and raising a generation of men and women who are sold out to God. He is a mentor of repute whose rare combination of God’s Grace, revelation insight and humility has been a blessing to both the young and old worldwide; especially through his teachings, books, recordings, broadcasts and Ministry. His book “Becoming Great” is in high demand and is a must read for everyone who aspires to make a difference. Reverend Adesoye, is also the host of “Total Impact”, a popular weekly Television broadcast which has become a delight in many homes. He is one of the most selfless, exceptional, dedicated and inspirational leaders of our time; who combines his practical teachings with a very sound business acumen and volunteerism.

Chief (MS) Anna Lamit Barnabas Avong

WISE Member

Anna has a BSc. and Master’s degrees (in view); both are in the field of Geography. She is a prolific educationist and women’s rights advocate and leader, who retired from active public service as a Deputy Director in the Kaduna State Ministry of Education; after putting in 30 meritorious years of teaching and administrative proficiency. In recognition of her gallant and unmatched commitment, she was given the traditional title of Gimbiya Takad in her native community. A community steward par excellence and role model to many women and groups, she volunteers her time to many organizations and has been involved in membership and leadership capacities with the prestigious Young Men Christian Association (Nigeria), Christian Association of Nigeria, Christian Rural Developemnt Association of Nigeria (CRUDAN), National Council for Women Societies (a past secretary and president of the, Kaduna State Chapter, an ex-officio of the Council till date and Nominee to National Executive Position) and Attarkar Women Association of Nigeria (Current National president) amongst other women groups. She is a recipient of a number of distinguished awards and has visited a number of countries which include Israel, Germany, South Korea, China, South Africa, Togo, Kenya and Egypt